Statista on trial in May

Statista collects material from over 22 500 different sources, including open access information as well as data from companies like market analysis firms. In Statista, you can find single statistics as well as statistic dossiers that you can use to gain insights in a topic of your choice. You can also access the original sources.

Statista includes

  • over one million statistics on over 170 industries, over 150 countries
  • reports and forecasts
  • consumer surveys
  • market, company, and country insights
  • freely available infographics.

Statista also produces data: about half of the material available is collected by Statista. Statista creates for example consumer surveys in more than 55 countries.

Statista is on trial use in Oulu University network until May 31st. Feel free to send feed back on Statista to:

Go to Statista

Last updated: 3.5.2023