The Steel and Metal Producers' Fund has awarded a grant to Ahmed Abdelrahim

The Steel and Metal Producers' Fund, which operates under the Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation, has awarded a grant of 24 000 euros to Ahmed Abdelrahim for hydrogen reduction and cement-free recycling in iron and steelmaking research, at Process Metallurgy Research Unit, University of Oulu during 2022.

EU has set an ambitious plan to limit the temperature increase to less than 2°C; In order to fulfill this goal, the carbon emissions level should be reduced by 80-95% of the 1990 level by 2050. One of the most energy-intensive industries worldwide is iron and steel industry. One approach to tackle the issue is to focus on elimination of fossil-based reducing agents and utilizing hydrogen in the production or iron. Moreover, massive quantities of carbon and iron bearing wastes are generated at different stages of steel making processes.

In Ahmed’s research, both influence of hydrogen and iron ore charging position on reduction are investigated using a blast furnace simulator. The aim is to get a better understanding of reduction mechanism, kinetics and microstructural changes in different iron ores during the reduction process. The research also focuses on developing a more sustainable recycling approach by producing agglomerates utilizing environmentally friendly binders rather than Portland cement as cement industry is associated with high carbon footprint. Reduction experiments take place in a blast furnace simulator employing different reducing atmospheres and temperature profiles, simulating operational conditions in an industrial blast furnace. Side stream materials from blast furnace and electric arc furnace are characterized and agglomerated using briquetting machine. Different organic and organic binders are used in the briquetting process. Briquettes mechanical and chemical properties are tested using novel techniques to assess their suitability to be recycled back into different iron and steelmaking processes.

Last updated: 14.1.2022