The Student Council elections are this Autumn - join in to build the future of the student community!

The Student Council elections of the Student Union of the University of Oulu will be held on 1.-8.11. this Autumn. In the elections, the 37 members and vice members for them are elected for the 2-year term.

The Student Council is the highest decision maker in the Student Union, and the Council makes decisions about the finances and action plan of the Student Union. In addition to this, the Council elects student representatives to important positions, such as the student representatives in the University Board of Directors.

Various groups operate under the Student Council, with some working as representatives of the students from different faculties, and some as political groups. You can also run for the council as an independent candidate outside of the groups. Every member of the Student Union is eligible to vote and run in the elections. The voting is online, either in the mobile app Tuudo or on a website. The new Council will get an orientation to their duties, so all you need is interest to influence the students’ life and the Student Union!

The call for elections is given on 18 of September, and after that you can officially apply as a candidate. More information about the elections for both candidates and voters will be updated to the Student Union’s website

Last updated: 4.9.2023