Students’ Mental Health Day on 13 April - Participate in the #GoodEnough campaign

Students’ Mental Health Day will be celebrated on Wednesday 13 April and there will be campaigning in social media around it for a week during 7 – 14 April 2022. The theme of this year’s campaign is compassion.

When we encounter each other with compassion, we can establish genuine contacts with one another. When we are more gentle to ourselves, we can strengthen our own well-being more easily.

#GoodEnough social media challenge

You are allowed to make mistakes, fail and be less than perfect. You are #GoodEnough just as you are. You are enough.

Participate in the Students’ Mental Health Day campaign during 7–14 April 2022 by sharing your own image, video or story that demonstrates the imperfectness of your daily life. Tag your content with the hashtag #GoodEnough.

By lowering the bar and abandoning the pursuit of perfection, we can increase compassion for ourselves and for others as well. Facing others and reducing your feelings of pressure is easier if you don’t have to pretend that you live in a perfect world. Together we are good enough at making a change! You are #GoodEnough.

Working behind the scenes of the campaign is the Student Wellbeing Network coordinated by Nyyti.

More information including frames for social media pictures can be found on the campaign page.

#AivanHyvä #GoodEnough #HeltBra

Last updated: 7.4.2022