Summer greetings - FEdu Academic Affairs Service Team

Summer greetings from the FEdu Academic Affairs Service Team! Information on the fall schedules, graduation, registration for the coming academic year, and Academic Affairs Service Team service hours during the sumer.

Academic Affairs Service Team, service hours during summer 2021

  • If you have urgent issues to inquire, please be in touch before mid-June!

  • You can contact the service team via address in all study or student affairs.

Annual registration for the Academic year 2021-2022

  • Continuing students use OILI online service to register during the registration period 3.5.-14.9.2021. A link to OILI service is also available in WebOodi.

  • Remember to register as absent if needed!

  • If you notice any wrong information in OILI, make sure to check the information and correct it in WebOodi. Information in OILI does not need to be separately edited.

  • More information about annual registration can be found in For students pages.

  • Tuition fee paying students, please note that your part of the fee has to be paid first in order to proceed with the annual registration. Payment instructions will follow by mid-June. Deadline to pay the fee is 31.8.2021.

Schedules for the autumn

  • The schedule for the academic year 2021-2022 is published and visible in Peppi and Tuudo.

  • Registration for courses will open during August.

  • Notice that the schedules and teaching arrangements might still undergo changes after publication during the summer and autumn.

Reminder to all graduating students

  • Please familiarize yourself with the graduation schedule - the schedule includes information and dates, when the degree certificate is delivered = sent via post.

  • All degree certificates are made retroactively – they might not show in Oodi on the same day the degree has been compiled.

  • The degree is marked as "PROCESSING" (fin. käsiteltävänä), as long as it has been compiled in Oodi or until the degree certificate leaves to be delivered via the postal services.

Wishing everyone a lovely, sunny summer!

Last updated: 1.7.2021