Suomen Ekonomit donates to the University of Oulu for education and research in the field of business and economics

Suomen Ekonomit donates 90,000 euros to the University of Oulu's fundraising campaign.

In total, Suomen Ekonomit decided at their general meeting to donate one million euros to business education. The amount is divided between the universities according to the number of master's degrees in business and economics.

“We want to support student resilience and well-being at universities. Students are our resource for the future”, says Mika Parkkari, a Special Adviser in education policy at Suomen Ekonomit.

Business experts and researchers provide keys to solutions in many crises, both in the Finnish society and globally. It is important for Suomen Ekonomit that educational resources are allocated to the diversification of business competencies and the continuous development of the field of science.

“I warmly thank Suomen Ekonomit for their donation. We share common views and goals to strengthen research and education in the field. The University of Oulu Business School is one of the pioneers in international master's education in Finland. The acquisition of AACSB accreditation in 2013 and the network built through it have played a significant role in the development of education. Our most recent opening is the new Master's program in Business Analytics, which was launched in 2021 to meet current competence challenges. With donations, we can continue to support new openings in both research and education”, says Janne Järvinen, Dean of the University of Oulu Business School.

The donation of Suomen Ekonomit is part of the state's matched funding program, which significantly increases the impact of donations. Sitra will recapitalize universities with a total of EUR 67 million on the basis of the private capital they have raised by 30 June 2022. Each euro donated is eligible to match funding according to an additional multiplier.

Last updated: 24.5.2022