Support for culture shock and cultural adaptation

Moving into a new place and culture can be a thrilling experience. You can expect to find yourself exploring unfamiliar territory, meeting new people, and trying different things. However, it can be a difficult and overwhelming time, particularly if you have never lived abroad before.

The new place may seem perfect at first, but after a while you may notice of having difficulties to adjust yourself to all the new things. You may feel confused, frustrated, tired or down and the homesickness just does not seem to ease. You might be having a culture shock.

The symptoms of culture shock can last just a few days, but more often they last weeks or even months. Multiple factors affect the degree to which you might be experiencing the culture shock, such as your pre-departure expectations, coping skills, and past experience of living abroad.

Career Centre is here to support you in your process of cultural adaptation. If you think you might be having a culture shock or difficulties with cultural adaptation, you are welcome to chat with us at the

Culture Shock Drop-in every Thursday between 12:00-13:00 at the Career Centre (YT101).

Please, check out also the new website, Culture Shock and Homesickness, that provides you with information about the factors, symptoms and stages of culture shock, as well as tips to overcome it.

Remember, that culture shock is normal, and happens to most of us when travelling abroad. We encourage you to ask for help and talk about your situation with somebody to overcome the culture shock.

Last updated: 15.2.2023