Sustain´ability´ ResilienceTalks and Workshop in April with visiting Prof. Arjen Wals

FRONT research programme and Resilience Academy of Oulu (RAO) organize ResilienceTalks seminar on 10th of April, and a related research training workshop on 11th of April with visiting professor Arjen Wals (Wageningen University, NL) at the University of Oulu.
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In the next ResilienceTalks seminar, April 10, FRONT visiting scholar, Prof. Arjen Wals (Wageningen University, NL) will talk about Sustain´ability´ – what abilities are needed to sustain, disrupt and transform? Rethinking education and research in times of collapse. The seminar is open for all.
Next day, on 11th of April, there is a workshop dedicated to researchers continuing with the same thematics; Researcher training workshop with Prof. Wals: Transformative learning for socio-ecological resilience on a dying planet.

Professor Arjen Wals teaches Transformative Learning for Socio-Ecological Sustainability

Arjen Wals is a Professor of Transformative Learning for Socio-Ecological Sustainability at Wageningen University. He also holds the UNESCO Chair of Social Learning and Sustainable Development. His teaching and research focus on designing learning processes and learning spaces that enable people to contribute meaningfully to sustainability. A central question in his work is how to create conditions that support (new) forms of learning which take full advantage of the diversity, creativity and resourcefulness that is all around us – but so far remain largely untapped in our search for a world that is more sustainable than the one currently in prospect.

Please note that there is a separate registration for both events, the seminar and the workshop. Warmly welcome to the events with Prof. Arjen Wals!

Wed 10.4.2024 14-16 ResilienceTalks, University of Oulu, L2

14:00 Coffee
14:15 Opening: Prof. Elina Lehtomäki, Faculty of Education and Psychology, FRONT research programme, University of Oulu
14:20 Open keynote and discussion –
Sustain´ability´ – what abilities are needed to sustain, disrupt and transform? Rethinking education and research in times of collapse, Prof. Arjen Wals, Transformative Learning for Socio-Ecological Sustainability, Wageningen University

Discussant: Prof. Maria Ojala, Örebro University/ University of Oulu

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Thu 11.4.2024 Researcher training workshop, University of Oulu, Tellus Backstage


10-12 Researcher training workshop with Prof. Arjen Wals: Transformative learning for socio-ecological resilience on a dying planet


  • Why study transformative (or transgressive) learning?
  • What are urgent questions and needs for knowledge?
  • How transformative (or transgressive) learning is studied?
  • How and what data on transformative learning has been and can be collected among citizens, in organizations such as schools, higher education institutions, and businesses, and in informal groups?
  • What analysis methods are and may be used?
  • What new knowledge can research in transformative learning bring forward?
  • Does knowledge matter on a dying planet? Or do we need to move beyond knowledge?

12-13 Lunch and discussion: Way forward

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ResilienceTalks is a dynamic discussion series that brings together researchers and experts in the fields of resilience and sustainability studies and development. Our aim is to provide a platform for thought-provoking discussions on topics that are academically rigorous and societally relevant. We believe that through engaging conversations and collaborations, we can make meaningful strides toward a proficient and critical research and more resilient and sustainable future. ResilienceTalks seminar series is organized by the FRONT (Profi 7) research programme and the Resilience Academy of Oulu (RAO).

About FRONT and RAO

FRONT research programme is dedicated to advancing the understanding of resilience and sustainability. Resilience Academy of Oulu (RAO) is an innovative center committed to inter- and transdisciplinary research, education, and knowledge dissemination in the field of resilience studies. RAO serves as a catalyst for academic excellence and collaboration, actively working toward societal impact.

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