Taking responsibility -reward for exemplary activity

The university community awarded Kerttu Saalasti Institute for exemplary activities in connection with the opening of the academic year.

In connection with the opening ceremony of the university's academic year, the Kerttu Saalasti Institute received an award for its exemplary activities in accordance with the university's Taking Responsibility value.

-The institute has created and launched a nationwide micro-entrepreneurship training that serves micro-entrepreneurs. Due to the corona situation, the institute offered the Strong Entrepreneur -training course free of charge to Finnish entrepreneurs, rector Jouko Niinimäki said about the reasons for the award.

- This is a valuable recognition for our entire work community. For my part, I would like to congratulate every member of the staff of the Kerttu Saalasti Institute of the University of Oulu on the exemplary activities in accordance with the values ​​of our university. We take responsibility for research and education in micro-entrepreneurship. The online, time- and place-independent training described in the justification for the award genuinely takes into account the entrepreneur's opportunity to develop his or her skills in a time that is possible for him or her, said the director of the institute, professor Matti Muhos.

For exemplary activity in accordance with the university’s value Creating new, a team, that was in charge for creating a European university network UNIC, was rewarded. Succeeding together value was the bases for rewarding University of Oulu ICT Services.

Watch the academic year opening ceremony recording.

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Last updated: 24.11.2021