Talent Boost Webinar: Hello darkness my old friend

As you may have noticed, the darkness has arrived, and winter is coming.

Whether this is your first time experiencing the darkness, and/or an Oulu winter, or you’ve experienced too many to count, it’s always good to be prepared and hear some tips from people who have had experiences of dealing with these issues and lived to tell the tale.

Join us on the 10th of November at 15:00 where we will be discussing our own experiences of dealing with the darkness and preparing for winter in Oulu, alongside some special guests who will be talking about their own experiences of dealing with the darkness and giving you some practical tips to make it through the winter safely, and hopefully make it as fun as possible. The webinar is open to all international students, staff members, and researchers.


Note: This webinar will be recorded and available online for future access. Any questions will be handled anonymously, however please ensure that your name is changed/not visible beforehand if you wish to remain anonymous.

Last updated: 2.11.2021