Temporary facility solutions for the Teacher Training School

In its meeting on September 20, 2023, the board of directors of the University of Oulu decided about the temporary facility solutions for the Teacher Training School. The high school will move to the Environmental Information Center located on the southwest side of the university's Linnanmaa campus (Paavo Havaksen tie). The primary school will move to so-called modular school that will be built on the site of the secondary school. Some of the secondary school functions will also move to modular school. However, most of the secondary school facilities will continue to be used for teaching purposes.
Oulun normaalikoulu

The board also decided to initiate a space requirement study for the Teacher Training School.

The schools are intended to start in the temporary locations in the fall of 2024. For the high school, an earlier move is also possible. The modular school still requires a building permit, and ordering the space elements as well as furnishing and equipping the spaces will take time. The estimated cost for the high school and elementary school's temporary relocation solution is over two million euros per year.

The temporary facility solution for schools has been prepared in cooperation with staff and stakeholders. The University of Oulu and the Teacher Training School have held change negotiations regarding the move to temporary locations. The functional assessment and planning of the temporary relocation project have been done in such a way that the goal is to ensure the highest quality school and working environment.

During the summer, the Teacher Training School buildings have been sealed, the primary school building has been pressurised and air purifiers have been installed.

University Properties of Finland Ltd owns the premises of the Teacher Training School. The temporary facility solution does not concern the Koskela unit.

Last updated: 21.9.2023