Timetables for autumn term 2024 are published

Timetables for the autumn term 2024 are now published in Study Guide and Tuudo mobile application. The implementations for the academic year 2024–2025 are also now published. Changes to schedules are yet possible.
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Timetables for the academic year will be published in two phases. Timetables for the spring term 2025 will be published on November 1, 2024.

In Study Guide you can find information on degrees, curriculums, courses, and course timetable and places.

If timetables are displayed incorrectly on Tuudo, please inform your faculty’s Academic Affairs Service Team so that the wrong information can be corrected.

Enrolment in teaching

Please enrol for teaching for the academic year 2024–2025 according to the enrolment dates shown in the implementations, starting August 1, 2024 at the earliest. You can enrol for implementations in Peppi or Tuudo. Some of the teachers only accept enrolments for the implementation after the enrolment date has ended, so please wait patiently for your own enrolment to be approved. Please ensure you enrol for implementations by using the correct study right number.

Guides for using Peppi can be found from Student’s Peppi.

Last updated: 30.4.2024