University of Oulu is now a part of World Energy Council Finland

University of Oulu has become a member for World Energy Council Finland (WEC Finland). WEC Finland is the Finnish member committee of the global World Energy Council. H2FUTURE research programme is one of the biggest research projects at the University of Oulu that is crucially linked to energy transition in Finland.

University of Oulu is now part of World Energy Council Finland, a platform for high-level discussions on the energy sector and promotes a cost-efficient, sustainable, and reliable energy system via collaboration between representatives of different forms of energy and other stakeholders. Members of WEC Finland are integral to the association, playing a pivotal role in national energy discussions. They enable effective collaboration among government, business, and other key stakeholders, sharing their expertise to accelerate the shift towards sustainable energy. You can view current members here (in Finnish).

Finland was ranked second in the World energy Council Trilemma Index 2024 that energy systems performance

By collaborating with our global World Energy Council network, members drive innovation and engage in cooperative learning. Partnering with the Council offers opportunities to influence the future of energy systems and take a lead in emerging sectors, working together to tackle the challenges of the energy transition.

The World Energy Council releases various reports, such as the Trilemma Index, and hosts prestigious events like the World Energy Congress. The WEC Energy Trilemma Index compares energy systems performance in 126 countries across three dimensions: energy security, equity, and sustainability. The comparison serves as a tool for decision-makers, energy leaders, and the financial sector, facilitating the comparison of energy system performance over time and between countries. In the latest Trilemma Index report 2024, Finland was ranked as the second reflects its strong performance in balanced approach to energy policy, effectively addressing the challenges of energy security, equity, and sustainability.

Read more about WEC Finland here.

Last updated: 19.6.2024