The University of Oulu offers support concerning Ukraine/Russia crisis

Finnish universities condemn Russia’s military action in Ukraine.
University of Oulu

In the light of the recent events in Ukraine, the University of Oulu wants to reach out to the entire university community to express our support in this crisis. Our top priority always remains the health and safety of students, staff and those who make up our wider community across the globe.

If you are concerned or distressed about your ability to continue your study/work, or your own or your family’s health or safety and wish to discuss this with someone please contact the University Chaplain Ari Savuoja at 040 524 5919 or by email:

City of Oulu emergency mental health services are at your service.

In an acute situation, please contact the 24/7 Crisis Helpline at 09 2525 0113.

The University of Oulu has zero tolerance for bullying or harassment. In case you encounter any unacceptable behaviour, please report it here.

Finnish universities UNIFI expresses support for Ukraine and the Ukrainian university students and staff. All Finnish universities together condemn Russia’s military action in Ukraine. The University of Oulu and other Finnish universities, together with Scholars at Risk (SAR) Finland, are investigating the possibilities for hosting Ukrainian students and researchers in Finnish universities.

There are around 150 members in our University community who are either from Ukraine, Russia or Belarus – Russian students being the largest group.

Our thoughts are with everyone affected, their families, friends and loved ones at this challenging time.

Last updated: 28.2.2022