University of Oulu rose to best 500 in Shanghai Ranking

The University of Oulu has risen to 401-500 on the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) published by the University of Shanghai. This year, 1000 of the world's best universities were ranked.

In last year's comparison, the University of Oulu ranked between 501-600. This year, the ranking was improved by the rise of the researcher Mehdi Bennis to the list of highly cited scientists, increasing the number of points, calculated based on the number of most cited researchers.

The Shanghai ARWU ranking is one of the best-known and respected international university rankings. The indicators used in the comparison include, the number of scientific publications, the number of researchers most cited, the number of publications in Nature and Science series, and the Nobel and Fields awards received by alumni and staff.

2021 Academic Ranking of World Universities

Last updated: 20.8.2021