The university supports wellbeing and we are involved!

The Wellbeing Through Counselling (Ohjauksella hyvinvointia, OHJY) project promotes the well-being and community of university students and provides staff with tools to support students.

11 universities, student unions and organizations all over Finland are on board, and more than 36,200 students are studying at the universities involved in the project! The project, managed by Diakonia University of Applied Sciences, receives funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture. The University of Oulu is also involved in the project: our project focuses on increasing the study psychology resource and developing the support services provided by study psychologists. There are three key themes in the support system development:

1 Back to Campus - We especially support the sense of community and study attachment of first and second year students.

2 Strengthening learning ability through community and online means - We plan and offer new study psychologist services by implementing various workshops, groups, online courses and support materials that are easily accessible online.

3 Strengthening staff well-being skills - We train staff on the themes of students' learning ability and well-being and provide tools to support them.

With the project, we have been able to add a new study psychologist to our team for a year. You can already find a lot of project-enabled material and services on our website, which we offer in addition to individual guidance.

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Last updated: 30.9.2021