WARNING: Phishing messages with the subject "Notification for Student"

Phishing warning 1.9.2021

Students of the university are receiving phishing messages.

If you receive a message "Password has expired and Outlook access can be suspended. Proceed below for revalidation." it is probably a swindle message.

Characteristics of the message:

  • subject "Notification for Student"
  • from "Oulu-MS-Portal" or "Student-MS-Portal"
  • blue button "Outlook Validation"
  • signature "Thank you, Student Microsoft Corporation"

The purpose of this kind of a message is to be phishing usernames and their passwords to criminal purposes.

Do not press a blue button in the message! It leads you to the phishing page!

If however, you gave your information to the phishing page, change your password immediately! This is the only and the right address for changing the password:


Your password of the university account is valid for a year and you get a note one week before the expiration. More information: https://www.oulu.fi/ict/password

Last updated: 1.9.2021