Welcome to meet and greet the staff and students of the FEP on October 19th, 12:30-16

Meet and greet the staff and students of the FEP

Welcome to learn more about the Faculty's degree programs, subjects, projects, and research, and meet staff and subject associations! We have arranged an afternoon where we will spread out in front of the OLO café and Digital Classroom. You can come and chat with us or get acquainted with the materials, and ask questions related to any subjects/degree programs. Come and see what is being done in the projects. There are also staff from the Teacher Training School to answer your questions and be ready to tell you what everyday life is like at the Teacher Training School. Academic Affairs (Koulutuspalvelut) is also there from 12:30 to 14.

Nice to see you!

Best regards,

Faculty of Education and Psychology staff

Last updated: 18.10.2023