The winning pullover design of the University of Oulu symbolises a warm university community

Marttiina Vierimaa has won the University of Oulu pullover design competition with her design called Network. A total of 25 proposals were received during the competition, which was open in January and February 2023.
A woman in a gray-white sweater leans on a green-painted concrete wall, also an orange number one is painted on the wall.

Participants were asked to design a pullover that represents some of the characteristics, values, or attitudes of the University of Oulu.

"The pattern of my design represents the network that connects students, former students, graduates, current employees, past employees, and anyone else who has a relationship with the University of Oulu," Vierimaa explains about her design. In addition, the design also includes the university's logo as well as hearts representing the university's values.

Vierimaa received a tip about the competition from a friend. Her own background as a graduate of the University of Oulu and her hobby of knitting and designing knitwear inspired her to participate. Vierimaa graduated as an architect from the University of Oulu in 2006. Currently, she works as an architect and design manager at Sweco Architects in Oulu.

The idea for the pullover pattern did not come immediately but required some time. "I was thinking about what kind of pattern would best represent the University of Oulu, and the idea stayed in my thoughts for a long time. In my work, I meet numerous graduates of the University of Oulu daily, and with various projects, the network of experts from different fields expands and becomes more multidisciplinary all the time. That's where the idea for the pullover pattern came from," Vierimaa explains her ideation process. Vierimaa took part in the competition with her design, and only knitted the pullover after her design had been chosen as a winner.

A woman in a gray-white sweater, with a wooden panel wall in the background.

Marttiina Vierimaa wearing the pullover she designed and knitted herself.

"I knitted the pullover with Louhittaren Luola's Louhitar 3 yarn. There are likely other Finnish lamb wool yarns available in similar thickness," Vierimaa says. Each knitter can choose yarn and colours suitable for their own purpose.

"When designing the pullover, I thought that natural grey and white would work well together. The colors have enough contrast to make the pattern stand out, but the impression is still calm. I think the pullover can be made with various colour combinations, as long as the colors have enough contrast. The denim blue background colour with white pattern would be tempting to try next."

Minna Hele, Noora Happonen, and Mari Appelgren received honourable mentions from the jury.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who submitted their knitting designs.

Short knitting instructions (pdf)
Long knitting instructions (pdf)

Last updated: 22.9.2023