Work-life Finnish Course in Spring 2022

Work-life Finnish Course starts in January 2022 at the University of Oulu.

The Work-life Finnish Course consists of four separate Finnish-language modules and a traineeship. The first course module starts in January, and the whole course lasts till the end of June. During the Work-life Finnish Course, the participants will practise communication (both spoken and written) in various work-life situations and will get to practice their language skills in a Finnish working environment during the traineeship period.

The application period has already started and ends on the 5.11.2021.

This course is aimed mainly for people who have a university degree and who have a background in ICT, but the course is also suitable, for example, for international university students who are approaching the end of their studies.

The course is free for the participants.

Find more details on the “Työelämän suomea” course here (only in Finnish).

Last updated: 26.10.2021