The world’s northernmost TEDx event in Oulu on the 10th of April 2022.

Join us in enjoying the only TEDx event organised in Finland this year when TEDxOulu gathers interesting speakers to cultural centre Valve on the 10th of April 2022. This is the second time a group of volunteers joins their forces to organize the world’s northernmost TEDx event. The theme of this year is Spotlight on Health.

The pandemic has affected all of us, changing the way we think about the environment, the economy, and our health. How can we make responsible food choices? How do we deal with health inequalities and what about our natural resources?

Speakers sharing their knowledge and experience are Daria Zaikovskaia, Mari Tynkkynen and Kaisa Makkonen, Tuomas Aarni, Seppo Kopsala, Ben Gran, Pekko Vehviläinen, Tiago Sampaio and Tara Goodwin. The moderator is an experienced youth worker and facilitator Meg Dale. More information about the speakers and their backgrounds can be found on the TEDxOulu website. In addition to the talks, the audience gets to enjoy good food, entertaining cultural programs and networking opportunities.

What is TEDx?

TEDx is a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading the message of innovative ideas in entrepreneurship and business, as well as technology, entertainment and design. The motto of the organization is “Ideas worth spreading”. TEDx speeches focus specifically on content, encourage action and broaden the world of thought. The purpose of speeches is to inspire each of us to innovate new ways of working to change old and worn ways.

Come and get inspired, network and learn something new!

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Last updated: 4.4.2022