Worried about coping with your studies or your own well-being? Mind Care-project offers low-threshold support for students.

In need of discussing or receiving guidance on balancing your day-to-day life and studies? Mind Care offers individual support of peer support group activities.

Mind Care, a joint project by OYY and Vamos Oulu, offers low-threshold support for students. The project offers individual counselling, group counselling and various lectures on wellbeing. You can attend individual and group counselling sessions to discuss challenges in coping, mental health and life management. The project is free of charge for students.

  • Individual counselling is available for all students of the University of Oulu. In individual counselling the student has a one-on-one meeting with the counsellor, and the number of sessions depends on the needs of the student. The sessions can be held in a location chosen by the student or remotely. The service is also available for students in need of support while, for example, on hold for an appointment with FSHS or another service.
  • Peer support groups meet regularly at Linnamaa campus. Registration, commitment or own equipment is not required in order to participate in the groups.The topics this spring are Overcoming procrastination, Sources and thieves of strength and The support pillars in your own life.

You can book an appointment for individual counselling or ask for more information via phone call, email or text from Sari Paihonen (p. 050 470 7815, sari.paihonen@hdl.fi)

More information about the groups and their schedules on the website.

Last updated: 30.3.2022