You can protect your user account against abuse

Now it is worthwhile to remain vigilant and to try to identify the phishing attempts of usernames and of passwords which come up in the web, in e-mail messages, in text messages and as phone calls. But did you know that you can protect your user account already beforehand against the abuse? The protecting is possible with the help of MFA.

What is MFA?

MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) is multi-phased authentication. In practice it means that you secure your sign-in with your mobile phone. The phone is usually always along so its use as a verification tool of the sign-in is quick and easy.

Bring MFA into use on yours own

First become acquainted with the verifying methods of MFA and think what of them suits yourself best. Then make the measures which are requested on the instruction page MFA, multi-factor authentication. After the measures, the MFA protection is in use on your O365 account in two hours.

Last updated: 7.9.2021