New nursing science professor has been selected

Kristina Mikkonen (PhD, Docent) has been selected as a nursing science professor since 1.1.2021.

Her aim, as a newly selected professor, is to produce high-quality scientific research and educate new creative experts, educators and leaders for the changing field of social and health care. Additionally, she aims to enhance scientific and societal impact through multidisciplinary research, focusing on the development of humans’ competence with interventions, artificial intelligence enhancement and educational approaches.

She is leading a research group in Health Care Education and Competence combined with researchers at different levels (docent, two post-doctoral researchers, 11 doctoral students, ten master students). Her in-depth expertise is within the area of research area of 1) Digital technology education and its effects on the users, 2) Competence-based education of vocational, higher degree, and continuous social- and healthcare education; 3) Work-related learning environments and mentoring; and 4) Immigrant work-force- models on the integration of immigrant nurses into healthcare organizations.

Additionally, she is active in a national and international community with taking positions of visiting professor in Japan (Osaka University), and in Slovenia (Alma Mater University, College of Nursing in Celje); acting as an assistant editor in Nurse Education Today top 10 international journals in nursing science; acting as international editors’ board in three international journals.

At the moment, in her research group, she has five active research projects funded by the European Union, the European Regional Development Fund, the Ministry of Education and Culture, and the Nordic Council of Ministers. In the group, she has published in total 198 publications relevant to the scientific and general public (including 56 scientific peer-review articles, 11 scientific peer-review books and book chapters, 17 publications written for professionals, and 114 conference publications). Her Field-Weighted Citation Impact is 3.17, and 50% of peer-reviewed articles are among 10% of top-cited publications. In her research group, she aims to rapidly implement and test the research results into healthcare systems to enhance evidence-based health care in education and patient care.
Last updated: 15.2.2023