PCR product and plasmid sequencing

Capillary sequencing is offered with ABI3500xL Genetic Analyzer-system.

Information about the service

  • Capillary sequencing is performed with ABI3500xL Genetic Analyzer
  • Sequencing reactions are done with BigDyeTerminator v1.1 cycle sequencing kit (ABI) and purified by ethanol precipitation  
  • Customer delivers purified DNA sample combined with appropriate primers
  • Contact: lbkseq (at) oulu.fi

Instrument reservation

General instructions

DNA sequencing services are located at the Biocenter Oulu facilities, Medical Campus, Aapistie 5A 90220 Oulu, Rm 448B.

Please, read the following instructions carefully, since samples without adequate information will not be processed.

Samples are placed in the cold room 442B and must be accompanied with a fully filled sequencing form (place in a box near room 448B). Please write your full name and the full name of your research group leader.

Samples will be run in the order of arrival and should be brought in before 3 pm to be run during the next working day. . Results can be obtained from server within three (3) working days. Due to the large number of researchers we have no capacity to perform sequencing reactions for individual annealing temperatures. We provide three annealing temperatures: 50°C, 55°C, and 60°C. Please take this into consideration when designing your primers.

Sample list should be provided as an excel file and sent electronically to lbkseq (at) oulu.fi. Excel file name has to include owner’s name and date. This file name should also be indicated in the sequencing form.

There is no limit for the size of the sample name, but they should NOT include Scandinavian lettersspaces or any of the following:

\ /: * ? " ‘ , < > |

Sample names should start with your initials (for example MM_1_DN13_COL1A2_e5F).

NOTE: To avoid mistakes in the analysis, please do not use the whole sample name when marking individual tubes. Your initials and running number in tubes relative to your excel file is sufficient and more easily readable.