Co-designing teacher education through North-South Partnership

GINTL UOULU-UNAM Collaboration in Teacher Education

Teachers are increasingly challenged by complex questions about equity, diversity and justice. This joint collaboration between the University of Oulu (UOULU) and University of Namibia (UNAM) contributes towards strengthening intercultural approach in teacher education. The North-South cooperation is a critical part of internationalization of teacher education, which can promote new understanding(s) both locally and globally on issues of equity and justice. This project is part of the Global Innovation Network in Teaching and Learning (GINTL, see more network funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland.


School visits provide opportunities for developing contextual understanding of educational needs

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Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland

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University of Oulu

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To strengthen teacher education through joint research focusing on the aspect of practicum supervision and education in diverse contexts. To enhance capacity of teacher educators through joint research, co-design of teaching and learning materials and practices and exchanges.

Project actions

By sharing experiences, perspectives and contextual expertise, the project aims to develop teacher education in order to better respond to local and global educational needs and contextual challenges. The project focuses on early childhood teacher education with a special emphasis on play, environmental education and teaching practicum.

The project activities include:

1. Research on teaching practicum, play and outdoor pedagogy and education in indigenous contexts

2. Review of past and development of new content and practices to strengthen responsive and relevant teacher education in socio-culturally diverse contexts

3. Teacher and student exchanges


The University of Namibia (UNAM), is the Namibia's premier institution of tertiary education. It consists of four faculties and 12 campuses country-wide. Khomasdal campus is home to teacher education students specializing in primary education. The campus is centrally located in the suburb of Khomasdal, Windhoek.

Sharing experiences of GINTL Collaboration

September 2023, Windhoek, Namibia. Building partnerships and sharing common interests: Visiting in the European Delegation to discuss the progress and challenges in the development of early childhood teacher education
Exploring teaching and learning materials in early childhood education and care centre in April 2023, Oulu

Upcoming Conference. Registration open now.

The registration for GINTL conference "Reimagining Teachers and Teacher Education for Our Futures" is now open! More information and registration link is available here:

Conference: Reimagining Teachers and Teacher Education for Our Futures

Date: 18.6.-20.6.2024

Venue: University of Helsinki, Main building, City Center Campus

About the conference:

The Reimagining Teachers and Teacher Education for Our Futures conference will explore the future of the teaching profession and teachers’ work, and the crucial role that teachers have in shaping the critical, transversal skills that are necessary for our futures as outlined in the seminal report by The UNESCO International Commission on the Futures of Education. The Conference is organized and hosted by the Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki and its UNESCO Chairs professor Hannele Niemi and professor Arto Kallioniemi in collaboration with the UNITWIN UNESCO network on Teacher Education for Social Justice and Diversity.

You are warmly welcome!

The conference organizing committee.