CORNET - Critical Operations over Regular Networks

CORNET project is an ambitious joint research effort of academia and industry to discover and test novel solutions for realising critical communications in a highly cost-effective manner by utilising commercial radio networks and everyday communication equipment.
Extending Everyday Technologies for Special Situations and Applications

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University of Oulu

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The project combines the research interests and knowledge of six public organisations and six industry partners operating in the fields of mobile networks and services including telecommunications equipment and software development, electronic network measurements, radio spectrum management etc.

The main goal of CORNET project is to develop a powerful test platform where the Quality of Service of critical communications in commercial radio networks as well as the operability of movable temporary radio networks can be tested in a real-life environment. For this purpose, CORNET will carry out both research and proof-of-concept trials with commercial base stations and network management systems. Frequent public demonstrations are also organised in order to ensure the transfer of knowledge and joint innovation.

CORNET project runs over two years (2017-2018) within the Tekes 5th Gear Programme which aims at solving challenges related to the next generation wireless data communications and creating new business models. The project is coordinated by the Centre for Wireless Communications / University of Oulu.

Technical Scenarios

Researchers working in CORNET will focus on five technical scenarios with high potential usability and impact including

Priority communication use cases

  • Remote care communications between ambulance and hospital
  • Critical communications of the authorities

Temporary network deployment use cases

  • Emergency and crisis operations
  • Tactical operations (e.g. peacekeeping)

Both theoretical and experimental research will be performed including, but not limited to, theoretical study of regulatory changes, detailed definition of scenarios, development of vertical applications and realisation of trials.

Project Partners

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More information

Project Manager Tuomo Hänninen tel. +358 50 5758340, email


5G, Network Simulators, LTE, Network Configuration, QoS, Field Testing, Network Slicing

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