EU-funded CoroPrevention project aims to discover long-term behaviour changes and lifestyle improvements as well as medications needed by individual patients with coronary heart disease to prevent another cardiovascular event. The Onnikka weight management app developed by OASIS at the University of Oulu plays an important role in the project.


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Horizon 2020 - Innovation Action (IA)

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22 053 787 EUR

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Personalised medicine (tailoring prevention or intervention to individual patients' medical histories, conditions and circumstances) seems like a no-brainer. Every person is unique and has a specific health profile, a complicated combination of heredity, environment and lifestyle. Although physicians and scientists have been working for years toward personalised medicine, only recently has it become a real possibility, with advances in fields like genomics, data and informatics, and wearable technology. Working to prevent morbidity and mortality associated with coronary heart disease (CHD), the EU-funded CoroPrevention project is developing a personalised secondary prevention programme for patients with established CHD. The health, economic and social benefits of the methods will be rigorously evaluated along with the health economics, to improve treatment guidelines for the benefit of patients and healthcare systems.

The project brings together the Web-based Onnikka lifestyle guidance program developed by University of Oulu and similar web-based guidance program created by the Belgian Hasselt University,”

CoroPrevention - Personalize Prevention for Coronary Heart Disease