Environment digitization and interactions by embedded self-sustainable systems
Puettavaa elektroniikkaa ihmisen kämmenselällä

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In the last decades, continuous demand for increased functionality and efficiency, and omnipresence of electronic devices have led to remarkable downscaling technologies for the silicon-based devices and components (More Moore). However, a leap towards the future electronics requires indispensable transition from More Moore to More-than Moore concept: a diversification of components, architectures, and technologies for enhanced functionality in electrical devices through added value that does not necessarily scale according to Moore’s law. One of the most meaningful pathways for More-than Moore technologies is utilizing wireless and autonomous devices for Internet of Things (IoT) along with wearable electronics, that can revolutionize todays concepts of healthcare, transportation, environmental care, etc. Notwithstanding large portfolio of promising enabling materials and structures for harvesting and storage, sensor/actuator, and data processing and transmission systems, their related integration technologies into a single substrate or within a single encapsulated package are still in their infancy.

Thus, the ultimate objective of the Entity approach for More-than Moore is to explore new concepts for the seamless integration of energy harvesting and storage components into chips and packages (SoC-SiP) and aiming for overall integration of sensors and wireless data transfer systems by unobtrusive manner. The proposed approach combines the state-of-the-art knowledge and takes a leap forward with new tools and approaches. The anticipated breakthroughs include nanostructured harvesters, integrated harvesting and storage devices, flexible sensors/actuators, and associated enabling technologies with a final goal to demonstrate the developed platform(s) operation(s) in real environment. The results will have ground-breaking impact on science and technology. Such research requires expertise of the multidisciplinary research groups in the Research Unit having a diverse background in physics, chemistry, material science, and telecommunications to name a few. The project strengthen the research group position in the future by deepening the knowledge in such an extremely demanding topic.