This year-long project, funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers Working Group on Biodiversity, aims to promote diverse forms of knowledge-making in and beyond academic realms in times of environmental crisis. We are a multidisciplinary team of scholars, artists, educators, activists, writers, and members of the wider community. Collaboration between the Uni of Oulu (FI) and NTNU Trondheim (NOR).


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Project description

The fragile northern environments are under increasing pressure from climate change. The struggle to piece together the puzzle of sustainability by addressing a multiplicity of issues requires a multiplicity of voices that can offer solutions to an unknown future.

The Envirocen project aims to promote the use of diverse knowledge-making and transdisciplinary approaches, like citizen science, that expand the boundaries of who and what has a voice in research that matters. This may look like primary school-aged citizen scientists or 'kidizens' armed with plant species tracking apps, an interactive performance engaging the community in critical thinking about green energy, or using fictional film methods to represent otherwise unseen realities of industrial pollution.

We are a multidisciplinary team of scholars, artists, educators, activists, and community members from beyond the university environment. Envirocen involves the collaboration of the University of Oulu faculty and students with faculty and students from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim. This extends to designing activities that engage academic and non-academic community members in more meaningful research that addresses common challenges and concerns. Envirocen promotes the agency of citizens of all ages and backgrounds, including non-human members of the community, as owners and contributors of valuable knowledge.

Through a series of events, workshops, symposiums, and art, we showcase the diversity and complexity of ongoing and successfully completed scientific research projects which work with and for citizens and society, in Northern environments and globally. Further, we aim to bring together students, early career scientists, and senior researchers who are interested in integrating diverse knowledge-making into their research and offer advice, training, and capacity building through senior mentors.

Project trainings

The Envirocen project holds a variety of symposiums, events, webinars, and training suited to different audiences and interest groups within citizen science and knowledge-making collaborative research.