Extensive molecular profiling of systemic metabolism to understand and prevent cardiometabolic diseases

Cardiometabolic diseases are the leading cause of death and disability worldwide. We tackle these common diseases by applying novel molecular methods, metabolomics and lipidomics, in a large-scale epidemiology study setting, to identify new biomarkers and to obtain improved understanding of molecular pathways involved.

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University of Oulu

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Cardiometabolic diseases are the leading cause of death and disability worldwide. We tackle these common diseases by applying novel molecular methods, metabolomics and lipidomics, in a large-scale epidemiology study setting, to identify new biomarkers and to obtain improved understanding of molecular pathways involved. Our Team has long-term experience in utilising quantitative serum NMR metabolomics in systems epidemiology. Now we are accompanying the serum NMR data with novel mass spectrometry lipidomics data (>800 individual lipid species quantified from circulation) from population-based cohorts (n>10,000) with genetics and extensive clinical data available. The molecular outputs of these platforms are complementary, constituting some 1,000 biomarkers per serum sample, thus providing an unprecedented characterisation of individuals’ systemic metabolism. Integrated data from these technologies in epidemiology do not currently exist. We are performing large-scale genetic analyses of the lipidome to increase understanding of the genetic background of circulating lipids. We are also utilising the genetic information to elucidate interlinks between lipoprotein and lipid metabolism, and to assess the causal chains between biomarkers, wide range of traditional risk factors and cardiometabolic disease outcomes. We anticipate that this research will lead to identification of new causal molecular pathways and biomarkers, amenable to intervention and presenting new translational opportunities for disease prevention.

Selected publications

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