Injectable scaffold based on carbon nanotube alignment via magnetic field for guided neural tissue engineering
InjectGuide Project

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Research Council of Finland - Academy Research Fellow

Funding amount

648 849 EUR

Project coordinator

University of Oulu

Project description

InjectGuide will exploit the capabilities of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) to guide neural cell growth in 2D into an injectable CNT-based scaffold. To create the injectable CNT-based scaffold, a hydrogel/CNTs composite will be synthesized. The desired alignment will be performed via magnetic field. The applicability of the novel scaffold will be evaluated via in vitro tests with human neural cells. According to the cell response, the parameters related to the scaffold synthesis such as magnitude of the magnetic field, time of exposure and CNT concentration will be optimized to tailor guided neural growth. The scaffolds will be also characterized by means of mechanical and electrical properties. Furthermore, the project will assess the biocompatibility and toxicity of CNTs to neural cells.