Joule heating effects on ionosphere-thermosphere coupling and neutral density (JOIN)


We study variations in the density of the upper atmosphere during geomagnetic storms by utilizing ESA's satellite missions and ground-based observation networks.


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Understanding the detailed spatial and temporal dynamics of the space environment is a fundamental requisite for providing successful space weather forecasts, such as predicting changes in atmospheric drag experienced by satellites at low-Earth obits (LEO). In this project we will carry out a detailed investigation of the auroral Joule heating and its consequences on the ionosphere-thermosphere (IT) system at high latitudes. Our main objectives are to:

  • Determine the global statistical distribution and variability of the high-latitude Joule heating during geomagnetic storms driven by solar wind high speed streams (HSS) or interplanetary coronal mass ejections (ICME).
  • Correlate the storm-time Joule heating with observed large-scale atmospheric density variations at low Earth orbits (LEO).
  • Estimate variations in the atmospheric scale height by directly comparing density measurements from two different altitudes during co-planarity periods between various LEO satellites at polar orbits.
  • Perform event studies of meso-scale Joule heating and density variations at auroral regions by utilizing conjunctions between Swarm satellites and incoherent scatter radars (e.g., EISCAT, EISCAT3D and Poker flat).

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Reports and other project results will be collected in this folder as they become available. These include:
+ Project Science case from the pre-KO meeting

Manuscripts and presentations at conferences
Iorfida E., L. Küchelbacher, S. Wüst , W. Miloch, H. Vanhamäki, A. Dimmock, C. Finlay, I. Daras, R. Sabia, A. Strømme, L. Trenchi, M.G.G.T. Taylor, D. Prieto: "ESA Swarm 4D Ionosphere: outline of the five contributing studies". Swarm 10 Years Anniversary & Science Conference, poster presentation, Copenhagen, 8-12 April 2024.

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