Kumppanuusmalli - Furfural-derived Resins and Biocomposites


FurBio research projects will be carried out together with international cooperation partners. Two leading companies Fortum and Metsä together four other companies: Brightplus, Inhan tehtaat, Valve Ventures, and Woodio finance the project and act in the project steering group.


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Funded by

Business Finland

Project funder

Brightplus, Fortum, Inhan tehtaat, Metsä, Valve Ventures, Woodio

Funding amount

664 000 EUR

Project coordinator

University of Oulu

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Project description

FurBio project focus on research and development of novel furfural-derived resins and biobased fiber reinforced biocomposites in international cooperation. The project aims to produce new information about preparation, properties, and commercial potential of biobased resins. The especial target is to develop materials with competitive properties compared to currently available commercial fossil-based resins. The concept of the invention will be validated in relevant environment to create an efficient starting point for commercialization track with participating companies. In addition to biocomposite application, the novel bioderived resins can be potentially utilized in other commonly encountered resin applications such as paints, coatings, and adhesives.