Liquid-based Reconfigurable Reflecting Surface and Antenna Technology

This project aims to design and demonstrate reconfigurable reflecting surfaces and antennas using liquid-based reconfiguration technique.


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Office of Naval Research

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454 484 EUR

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University of Oulu

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This project aims to design and demonstrate reconfigurable antennas and reflecting surfaces (RARs) using liquid-based reconfiguration technique. Despite promising extremely high-speed communication and vast bandwidth, the high-frequency bands such as sub-THz operation are expected to be challenged by severe path-loss and limited beam coverage. RARs are expected to cooperatively solve these issues by: (i) dynamically reconfiguring narrow beams towards the intended direction using reconfigurable antennas, (ii) extending signal coverage while significantly reducing cost and energy in place of base stations via reconfigurable reflectors. Set to be jointly investigated with ONRG PO 600, such technology is relevant to US NRE as a new solution for high-speed wireless communications which can be quickly deployed in dense urban areas to create an intelligent electromagnetic sensing and communication environment. At the same time, such technology potentially provides an additional (physical) layer wireless security in the spectrum of interest. It is expected that the outcomes of this research will provide in-depth understanding of trade-offs between the performance improvements and additional complexities. Ultimately, optimal strategies to implement wave control via structural reconfiguration in RARs and actuation mechanisms for best sub-THz communication performance will be proposed to pave the way for future research towards a full system practical implementation.