Skilled learners for battery value chain in Europe


BattValue develops courses and trainings, in the battery field for industrial stakeholders working in the metal processing, refining and recycling, in technology development, in energy and automotive industry and related areas. It covers key aspects of the battery supply chain, and educates experts for new jobs, including tools which promote sustainability.


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EIT Raw Materials

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387 188 EUR

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University of Oulu

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BattValue project provides courses with professional level knowledge of existing and future battery concepts to those working in the mining, metal refining, processing and battery end-user sector (energy sector, automotive industry), and gives an excellent basis to enhance their skills in the field. Courses draw upon the latest expertise in the battery sector and cover the value chain from battery minerals to batteries. Each developed course also takes into account environmental and sustainability aspects. Learners will achieve new knowledge, both theoretical and practical, in the battery value chain. This improves their skills to work in the production, product development or customer services in companies.

Project actions

Introductory course will be implemented in the end of 2022.

Other courses coming later:

  1. Basic Fundamentals of battery electrochemistry
  2. Introduction to batteries
  3. Sustainability in the battery value chain
  4. Battery recycling and ecosystem
  5. Battery chemicals and components for lithium-ion batteries
  6. Diagnostic Analytical tools
  7. Advanced battery technologies beyond lithium-ion
  8. Battery pack and battery management system
  9. Cell assembling on the battery cell line
  10. Spent battery management