uO5G - Micro operator concept for boosting local service delivery in 5G


uO5G project proposes and develops a novel micro operator concept to establish local small cell networks for tailored service delivery. The approach can open the future 5G mobile communication business ecosystem to allow new entrants to the market.

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University of Oulu

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Micro operators can build and operate indoor small cell communication infrastructure and offer local context related services and content to serve various vertical sectors’ specific needs complementing traditional mobile broadband offerings.
The main goal of uO5G project is to remove the regulatory and technical obstacles to introduce a fully functional and commercially viable micro operator model into the Finnish setting and expand it to the international level. Specific goals of the project are to:

  • Analyze the business potential and alternative revenue and business models of the micro operator concept in the future sharing economy.
  • Propose new licensing models for 5G to allow new market entrants and related other regulations.
  • Develop technical functions to enable the micro operator concept.
  • Validate the micro operator concept with practical systems.

uO5G project belongs to Tekes Challenge Finland competition and Tekes 5thGear Programme. After Stage 1 in 2016, the project runs two years 2017-2018.

Research in the project is conducted in four parallel work packages which are shown in figure below.

More Information

Project manager: Dr. Marja Matinmikko

Principal investigator: Academy Professor Matti Latva-aho

Paper on micro operators available here

Project results

uO5G Final Results Seminar

Time: 18.12.2018 at 9-15

Venue: Aalto University, TUAS building, Maarintie 8, Otaniemi

Future 5G networks aim at providing local high-quality wireless services to meet stringent and case-specific needs of various vertical sectors beyond traditional mobile broadband offerings. 5G has the potential to disrupt the mobile communication business ecosystem and open the market to new vertical specific local operator models.

University of Oulu and Aalto University invite you to hear the latest results from uO5G – “Micro operator concept for boosting local service delivery in 5G” -project, a Challenge Finland competition winner project. Join us to learn more about the business opportunities, regulatory challenges, and technical enablers for local 5G networks for vertical specific service delivery. The seminar will feature invited keynote presentations on 5G from regulators, operators, industry and academia followed by a panel on how to boost local service delivery in 5G and key research results from the project.


8:30-9:00 Coffee

9:00-10:30 Keynote presentations

-Finland’s 5G spectrum regulatory status by Sini Wiren, Ministry of Transport and Communications Finland
-Operator views by Eetu Prieur, Elisa
-Infrastructure vendor views by Seppo Yrjölä, Nokia
-Academia views towards 6G by Ari Pouttu, University of Oulu/Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC)

10:30-11:00 Coffee and Networking

11:00-12:00 Panel: How to boost local service delivery in 5G?

Moderator: Marja Matinmikko-Blue (University of Oulu)

Panelists: Annina Lehtonen (Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority), Jarmo Matilainen (Finnet), Eetu Prieur (Elisa), Sini Wiren (Ministry of Transport and Communications), Seppo Yrjölä (Nokia)

12:00-13:00 Lunch

13:00-15:00 Results from uO5G project research

-Business opportunities for local 5G operators by Petri Ahokangas, Oulu Business School
-Techno-economic studies by Heikki Hämmäinen/Jaspreet Walia, Aalto University
-Regulations and local spectrum access models by Marja Matinmikko-Blue, University of Oulu/CWC
-Studies on interference between local 5G networks by Kimmo Hiltunen, Ericsson/(previously CWC)
-Validation of local micro operator concept by Risto Jurva, University of Oulu/CWC