Instructions for re-registration.


Did you fail to register in time? Are you in passive register? Are you applying for extended study period?

If a student has lost their study right i.e. student is deregistered and is applying for a right to study again, the fee for handling the application is 35 euros.

The student is required to pay re-registration fee in the following cases:

  • If a student fails to register during registration period,
  • Re-activating their study right,
  • When applying extension to their study right, and if the study right had already ended before the continuation is granted.

Reactivation of study right is applied in Eforms system.

A student studying for a Bachelors or Masters degree will have to attach an updated and approved PSP to the application. Note! If you have not started your studies yet and failed to register as instructed, you don’t need attachments.

Doctoral students need to check detailed information from UniOGS webpages.

Registration is active for the term when re-registration is made.

Council of State’s Decree 1082/2009.