Clinical neurophysiology

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  • Docent
    Mika Kallio

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Our main research topics are the mechanisms of central autonomic cardiovascular regulation and the brain plasticity in various conditions. Besides healthy subjects, our recent studies are focused on central and peripheral pathophysiological conditions, developmental disorders in children and movement disorders in children and adults. To study these we use various methods including HD-EEG, microneurography, threshold tracking techniques and navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation.

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We aim to enlighten the basic mechanisms of central autonomic cardiovascular regulation and repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS). We also aim to gain knowledge of the brain plasticity and thus develop more efficient treatments (including rTMS) to various diseases.

Our main collaborators

  • Vesa Kiviniemi
  • Mikko Tulppo
  • Jani Katisko
  • Jukka Kortelainen
  • Tuija Keinänen

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