Continuous casting and non-metallic inclusions

The continuous casting and non-metallic inclusions research group focuses on the studies of continuous casting process and the control of non-metallic inclusions in steels.

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Both modelling and characterization tools are employed to the evolution of non-metallic inclusions from secondary metallurgy to continuous casting. The quality prediction system of continuously casted steel is developed by combining phenomenological models for heat transfer and solidification and machine learning. The behavior of mold powder/fluxes in high-speed thin slab casting is also investigated by experimental and modelling studies. The scale formation during secondary cooling, reheating and anneal is also studied in the context of decarbonization of steel industry.

The close collaboration with CaSim consulting Oy is performed on investigating solidification and continuous casting of steels using IDS and TempSimu tools. We have extensive collaborations with steel industry in Finland and Europe, and other continuous casting and inclusion research groups in universities and research institutes.

Research areas

  1. Solidification and Continuous casting of steel
  2. Steel quality
  3. Mold powder/fluxes
  4. Characterizing and classification of non-metallic inclusions
  5. Modelling of the evolutions of non-metallic inclusions
  6. Scale formation of steel

Research tools

  1. Characterization: FESEM/EDS, Electrolytic extraction, Thermal analysis (TG/DSC), Raman spectroscopy, Nuclear magnetic resonance, chemical and phase composition characterization tools (XRD, XRF, OES, etc.).
  2. Modelling: Computational Thermodynamic (FactSage and Thermo-Calc), Thermodynamic-kinetic models (IDS solidification model, Inhouse model for inclusion evolution, etc), Heat transfer model of continuous casting (TempSimu), Machine learning models (Supervised and unsupervised learning).


  • Clean2Steel
  • Sunshine
  • Steel and Metal Producers’ Fund