Deep History of Human Past

Our research group consists of an international and multidisciplinary team, which aims to examine the deep human past spanning a time window from the late Miocene to Anthropocene -over last 10 million years -.
Middle Awash research team surveying in Afar, Ethiopia
A view from the survey in Afar, Ethiopia (Copyright Ferhat Kaya)

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  • Ferhat Kaya

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Our research into multiple dimensions of human prehistory emphasizes archaeological and paleontological field and laboratory studies designed to acquire new data on deep history of human past spanning from the Neogene to Anthropocene of the Old World. Main mission of this research initiative is to generate archaeological, paleoanthropological and paleobiological data about evolution and adaptations of the past hominins, non-hominin species, and their environments throughout field and laboratory based research and mobilize this data to inform modern day cultural, ecological and conservation issues in the face of climate change. Research underway includes archaeological and paleontological fieldwork in Turkey and Ethiopia, and laboratory studies in both countries.