Industrial Measurements

Industrial Measurements group and research at OPEM unit develops optical measurement systems and devices for industrial inspection and environmental monitoring applications.

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Research group leader

  • Anssi Mäkynen

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Research group description

Current research includes development of

  • image-based on-line instruments for particle size measurements; shape measurements of large industrial objects; and structural analysis of raw materials based on their optical scattering properties (elasticity, defects, moisture content etc.)
  • on-line analytical instruments based on spark induced plasma spectroscopy and Raman spectroscopy for chemical analysis of industrial and environmental liquids
  • computational imaging systems based on in-line holography for in-situ hydrometeor characterization and classification
  • models, methods and devices for real-time optical parameter determination of turbid industrial materials providing information on the solid material contents of the industrial process liquids
  • decision support tools utilizing complex and distributed measurement information systems like medical PACS/RIS/HIS.

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