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The research projects mainly focus on temporomandibular disorders (TMD) and facial pain- their epidemiology, background factors, diagnostics, and treatment. The epidemiological studies are included in large population-based Finnish research projects (Northern Finland Birth Cohort 1996/1986 and Health 2000/2011, Finnish Student Health Study). The aims are to evaluate the prevalence of TMD, facial pain and bruxism, as well as their association with body pain, pain sensitivity, psychosocial factors, dental occlusion and genetic factors, among others. The research on TMD diagnostics aims to evaluate the applicability of the international, validated Diagnostic Criteria for TMD (DC/TMD) in Finnish patients, based on a multi-center study.

KROKIETA- multicenter study aims to analyze the background factors of chronic pain/chronic facial pain among patients from multidisciplinary pain clinics in Finland.

The studies on occlusal rehabilitation aim to evaluate prognosis of fixed and removable dental prostheses based on clinical follow-ups. Additionally, applicability of new digital techniques in occlusal analysis and rehabilitation is evaluated.

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The research group collaborates nationally and internationally. The most remarkable national collaborators are University of Eastern Finland, University of Turku, University of Helsinki, National Institute for Health and Welfare, the Finnish Defence Forces, the Finnish Student Health Service, Turku University Hospital and Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa. International collaboration is performed with Imperial College, UK, Duke University, USA, Chapel Hill, USA, Malmö University, Sweden, and University of Buffalo, USA.

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