Urological diseases

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Research group leader

  • Markku Vaarala

Research group description

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men. We are evaluating the significance and feasibility of magnetic resonance imaging in the diagnosis and stageing of prostate cancer. Renal cancer is among the most lethal urological cancers. We investigate the significance of surgery and medical treatments among patients with metastasized renal cancer.

Our team

Where are we headed

We aim to improve the use of magnetic resonance imaging in the evaluation of prostate cancer. For patients with metastasized renal cancer, we aim to identify variables which would help to select best treatment options for each patient.

Our main collaborators

  • Eija Pääkkö, Docent
  • Pasi Hirvikoski, Docent
  • Saila Kauppila, Docent
  • Gonghong Wei, PhD
  • Aki Manninen, PhD
  • Mari Kuisma, MD, PhD

How to find us

Urology unit, Oulu University Hospital, PO Box 21, 90029 OYS