Interested in Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Oulu?

If you are a researcher holding a PhD and would like to do research abroad at one of the northernmost universities in the world the University of Oulu may be the place for you. The university has a long track record of hosting MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships. The experience makes the university well-equipped to manage the projects and ensures a smooth fellowship and the necessary support for the researcher.

MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships

MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships supports post-doctoral research and careers with two types of fellowships:

  • European Postdoctoral Fellowships: for researchers moving within Europe or coming to EU Member State or an associated country from any country in the world.
  • Global Postdoctoral Fellowships: for researchers based in an EU Member State or an associated country and moving outside of Europe. Fellowship includes a mandatory one-year return period to the host institute in Europe.

The duration of the fellowship is 1-2 years for European Fellowship and 2-3 years for Global Fellowships. The grant provides an allowance to cover your living, travel, and family costs. The research and training costs and overhead of the host institution are also supported.

Who can apply?

MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships funds researchers looking to enhance their career development by working abroad. It provides grants for experienced researchers to support their mobility, research project and training both within and outside of Europe. The scheme:

  • Covers all research areas
  • Is aimed at researchers with a doctoral degree and maximum 8 years of research experience after PhD by the time of the call deadline 14.09.2022
  • All nationalities can apply
  • Mobility is a must: the researcher must not have resided in the country of the beneficiary, in this case Finland, more than 12 months in the 36 months before call deadline

Support for the University of Oulu MSCA Applicants

The University of Oulu Research and Project Services team will help you with the proposal preparations. Through our MSCA PF support process you will be able to:

  • get a technical eligibility check
  • participate in virtual information sessions and proposal preparation online course
  • get access to an online platform with useful materials and tips for proposal writing
  • have your draft proposal reviewed

Next steps

  1. If you are interested, contact the supervisor you are interested in working with and respond with him/her to a short questionnaire  by  8 April 2022 to express your interest to apply and be included in the University of Oulu support process.  The applicants will be asked to provide a short description of the research idea (max. 2000 characters). All information provided will be kept confidential.
  2. We will contact the suitable candidate and supervisor teams and support you in developing the proposal as it is important it is done jointly with the host organisation. Support process will run during the whole MSCA PF Call period: 1.5-14.9.2022.
  3. You submit the proposal by the MSCA PF 2021 call deadline 14.09.2022. Then we wait for the results and hope to have the opportunity to host you at the University of Oulu.

Why University of Oulu

The multidisciplinary University of Oulu located in the north of Finland has eight faculties which range from humanities and medicine to business, science, and technology. The structure of the University and its wide collaboration network allows its community to build multidisciplinary projects, conduct high level research and contribute to solving global challenges in the following five focus areas:

  • Sustainable materials and systems
  • Lifelong health
  • Digitalization and smart society
  • Changing climate and northern environment
  • Understanding humans in change

The university offers an international and inspiring working environment where everyone can be themselves, take on their full potential and work with a sense of meaning and mission.  Living in Oulu is easy and safe. The Oulu region is a combination of beautiful, northern nature, vivid cultural life, and modern technology.

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