Support for ground-breaking research at the University of Oulu

If you are a researcher holding a PhD and would like to do research abroad at one of the northernmost universities in the world the University of Oulu is the place for you. Our Research and Project Services help researchers to find and apply for funding to conduct research at the University of Oulu.

Services for research funding

Are you looking for opportunities to conduct your research at the University of Oulu? Or, would you even like to lead your own research team in a frontier project in Oulu?

Our Research and Project Services will help you with all phases of your proposal process. We organize training, have prepared annotated proposal templates, and will help you with the administrative forms as well as answer any questions related to the funding.

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Why University of Oulu

The University of Oulu strives for excellent research and ground-breaking projects. Its dynamic and forward-looking community would love to welcome you and hear about your innovative project ideas!

The multidisciplinary University of Oulu offers a variety of knowledge and competencies, which can match and boost your own expertise. Located in the north of Finland, the University of Oulu has eight faculties which range from the humanities and medicine to business, science, and technology. The structure of the University and its wide collaboration network allows its community to build multidisciplinary projects, conduct high level research, and contribute to solving global challenges.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and discussing future collaboration with you!

To help you with mapping the possible impacts of your research we have created an online Impact guide and an Impact Planner.

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If you got interested in applying for funding to conduct your ground-breaking research at the University of Oulu, please contact

For support services available for University of Oulu researchers, see intranet Patio (login with university account required).

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The Fulbright–University of Oulu Scholar Award offers U.S. Scholars (U.S. citizens) holding a Ph.D. degree and substantial experience in teaching and research the opportunity to conduct research, or conduct research and teach at the University of Oulu in Finland for a period of 3-9 months. The scholarship enables fully supported and easy way to come to Oulu for research and teaching.