NMR Spectroscopy

University of Oulu has the state-of-the-art NMR laboratory providing an excellent research environment for NMR studies. The current combination of unusually wide-ranging NMR instrumentation and the two hyperpolarizers makes the laboratory a unique facility in Finland and can only be matched in versatility by a few laboratories worldwide.
Tutkija asettamassa näytettä NMR-laitteeseen

NMR Laboratory

The nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) laboratory of the Centre for Material Analysis of University of Oulu provides research groups and companies in Finland open access to six NMR spectrometers at five different magnetic field strengths (4.7 - 14.1 T, corresponding to 200 - 600 MHz proton resonance frequencies).

The laboratory enables sensitive and versatile analysis of the structure and properties of organic and inorganic molecules, small biomolecules, and natural products, as well as complex materials such as wood, liquid crystals, and porous glasses.

The main user of the NMR facility is the University’s NMR Research Unit. In addition to academic users, we also provide instrument time for companies and other external users.

NMR Instruments

There are six spectrometers, all manufactured by Bruker. The spectrometer consoles are run by Linux PCs using the program TopSpin (version 1.3 or 3.2). There are also two moveable hyperpolarizers to produce hyperpolarized xenon gas and parahydrogen induced polarization for materials research.