Research Instruments

Versatile and modern research instruments of the CMA offer high-level research environment for the University’s researchers, companies, and other research institutions. Instruments are actively maintained to guarantee their reliable operation, and new instruments are purchased according to the needs of the research groups and the University’s research strategy.
Kaksi tutkijaa kuvaamassa materiaalinäytettä läpäisyelektronimikroskoopilla


The research equipment of the CMA can be widely utilized in materials research. Instruments enable high-resolution imaging, crystallographic studies, and elemental analysis of samples by using various methods. The Centre has equipment for sample preparation for all the analysis methods as well as software and databases for post-processing of measurement data. The personnel of the CMA assist researchers in the operation of the instruments and in the data analysis.

In addition to the instruments of the CMA, the research units of the University have significant number of analysis instruments including scanning probe microscopes (SPM), FTIR- and Raman-spectroscopy apparatus. For the questions related to the use of these devices, contact the personnel of the research units.