Principles for the assessment of research and researchers at the University of Oulu

At the University of Oulu, the starting point for all assessments is good scientific practice, equality and justice, and the recognition of diversity. As a multidisciplinary university, we recognize and take into account differences between disciplines also in the assessment.

The assessment of research and researchers at the University of Oulu

Our goal is that the assessment of research and researchers should recognize all kinds of research outputs, practices and activities, and take account of varying career paths and personal circumstances when assessing the quality and impact of research. The principles presented below outline our approach to assessment and its coordination, including the main principles governing the responsible use of quantitative indicators, e.g. bibliometric measures. More detailed guidelines can be found in separate documents. The need for more responsible assessment of research and researchers is linked to the intensified national and international debate in recent years on responsible assessment and the responsible use of publication metrics. The principles of the University of Oulu as described in this document are based on the national recommendations, the Dora Declaration, the Metric Tide Report, the Leiden and Hong Kong Manifestos, and the Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment.

Intensifying competition for research funding and societal pressures to increase the effectiveness of research have highlighted the need to assess research and researchers in a way that both recognizes different merits and career paths equally and is ethically sustainable.

Research at the University of Oulu is assessed at various levels, including the entire university and each faculty, unit, research group and researcher individually. We require qualitative assessment at all the above levels, assessment which can be supported but never replaced by quantitative analysis based on publications. The work of individual researchers is assessed especially in the context of recruitment and when deciding on personal performance and remuneration. The purpose of the assessment is to support high-quality research and to ensure, for example, that the best candidate for each task is recruited and that a comprehensive variety of merits is taken into account in personal assessment. At the same time, the assessment recognizes that not everyone needs to excel at everything.

The following principles form the basis for the responsible assessment of research and individual researchers by the University of Oulu:

The principles take existing good practices into account and will be adopted to guide future action.

If the activities do not comply with our principles

Persons who become aware of activities that violate these evaluation principles or are concerned about university practices that do not comply with these principles may contact the Responsible Assessment Development Group ( The group can provide guidance and counselling to bring such practices into line with the principles. In the case of issues related to research integrity the HTK process (pdf) will be followed.


The Responsible Assessment Development Group coordinates, monitors, evaluates and develops compliance with the University’s responsible assessment policy.

Accepted 2.3.2023