Alix Varnajot

Alix Varnajot is a Postdoctoral Researcher based at the History, Culture and Communication Research Unit. He is involved in the Biodiverse Anthropocenes (ANTS), an interdisciplinary program focusing on environmental changes and human-environmental relationships in the Arctic. His research interests include climate change adaptation, tourism geographies and environmental history in remote and peripheral areas such as the Arctic and Antarctica. His current work focuses on the future of Arctic tourism in the Anthropocene, the impacts of climate change on Arctic societies and particularly on the tourism industry, as well as conceptual developments on dark tourism and last chance tourism. More recently, he has also been studying the various forms of collaboration between science and Polar expedition cruise tourism. Alix holds a PhD in Human Geography from the University of Oulu (2020).

Research interests

  • Tourism geographies, Polar regions, climate change adaptation, Anthropocene, dark tourism, last chance tourism, expedition cruise tourism.

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